7 Best Street Foods in Gangtok You Shouldn’t Miss

7 Best Street Foods in Gangtok You Shouldn’t Miss

Surrounded by picturesque mountains, the capital town of India’s little state Sikkim is one of the favorite hill stations among tourists. Besides the scenic beauty of nature, the culture and foods of Sikkim attract thousands of travelers. If you are searching for the best street foods in Gangtok, then this blog can be helpful for you. 

In this blog, we will cover seven delicious street foods you can find in Gangtok. Missing them while traveling in Sikkim would be a huge loss. So, let’s check it out. 

Best Street Foods in Gangtok

Gangtok is a vibrant place. Besides splendid mountains and natural beauty, you can feel the joy of local people. To know more about the culture of Sikkim, you need to try their local foods.

And what’s the better option than street foods to explore a new place? We believe foods can connect people. So, tasting their mouthwatering street foods can make your trip more remarkable.  


Thenthuk is one of the best street foods in Gangtok that you should try. Originally, it is a soup dish invented by Tibetan people. However, it has gained popularity across Sikkim due to its magical taste and health benefits.

The popularity of this street food has increased in recent times, so you have to try it. Thenthuk can be made with chicken, mutton, vegetables, and wheat. If you want to try spicy Thenthuk, you can ask the seller to add chili flakes. 


If you are looking for a traditional Sikkimese dish, then Phagshapa can fulfill your craving. This popular street food is the perfect choice for those people who love spicy yet healthy food. Phagshapa is widely available throughout this state. 

The main ingredients of Phagshapa are pork, radish, and chili. You can find this dish in both streets and restaurants. Phagshapa is served with chapati or rice and available during the summer months. People also eat this dish as a side snack. 


Who doesn’t love Momos? No matter if you are from Kolkata or Mumbai, the craving for Momos is the same. Well, to get the authentic taste of this famous Tibetial dish, you need to try the mouthwatering Momos of Sikkim.

Momo is clearly one of the best street foods in Gangtok. Just like your hometown, Gangtok also has various types of Momos that are stuffed with vegetables, cheese, chicken, mutton, and pork. Although the authenticity of Sikkim’s momos is incomparable. 


Besides Momos, Thukpa is another popular street food in Gangtok. Well, you can call it Sikkim’s signature dish. This Tibetian dish has gained popularity among tourists in recent times.

One of the best things about Sikkimese foods is they are delicious yet healthy. Thukpa is no exception. You can get this noodle soup in both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. You can find Thukpa in both fast food shops and traditional restaurants. 

Sel Roti

If you are wondering about sweet street foods in Gangtok, then Sel Roti can give you an exceptional experience for your food journey. Sel Roti is a Nepali handmade bread that is prepared during popular festivals in Sikkim.

Moreover, people in Sikkim make Sel Roti during festivals and exchange with each other as a token of love. So, if you are lucky enough to participate in Sikkimese festivals, make sure to have some Sel Roti. However, you can get this sweet bread in traditional restaurants in Gangtok. 

Chhurpi Soup

Besides Thukpa, Chhurpi is another famous soup in Gangtok. Both tourists and locals love Chhurpi soup. What would be better than enjoying the amazing views of Gangtok with delicious Chhurpi soup?

The main ingredients of this soup are cotton cheese and vegetables. However, you can mix vegetables as per your choice. You can also ask the seller to garnish the soup with various ingredients. Chhurpi Soup is available both in traditional restaurants and street food stalls.  

Sha Phaley

Last but not the least, Sha Phaley is one of the best street foods in Gangtok. The delicious taste and attractive aroma make this street food loved by both locals and tourists. Sha Phaley is a bread that is stuffed with chopped cabbage, onion, and meat.

The sellers provide these semi-circle bread by deep or pan-frying. Moreover, some fast food shops also provide stuffed cheese Sha Phaley.  


A beautiful place like Gangtok has some beautiful street foods. So, you should not miss any of them. Besides these seven best street foods, you can also try Masauyra Curry, Sinki, Kodo Ko Roti, and Shimi Ko Achar. 

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