10 Ultimate Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

10 Ultimate Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

It’s not unknown that Leh Ladakh is one of the top tourist destinations in India. Exploring this cold desert is almost everyone’s dream. However, did you know that you can do a lot of things in this exceptionally beautiful place? Yes, in this article, we will tell you about the top things to do in Leh Ladakh. From river rafting to camel safari, this place has so many things for tourists.

Even there are several things to do in this breathtaking cold desert, we have handpicked the top ten things. So, for your next trip to Leh Ladakh, make sure you are including all of these things on your bucket list. 

Best Things to do in Leh Ladakh

Located in the Leh district, Leh is the largest town in Ladakh, was the historical capital of the Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh. There are numerous popular and undiscovered tourist spots in this place. Besides exploring these places, you can do some activities to make your journey more thrilling. In the following, we are covering the top ten things to do in Leh Ladakh. Let’s find out:

1. Mountain Biking

Have you seen those videos where a group of people riding their motorcycles on a deadly Leh Ladakh road? Well, you can make it more thrilling. Yes, we are talking about mountain biking. Well, if you are not comfortable with riding a motorcycle in this place, mountain biking can be the ideal alternative. However, you have to be a skilled mountain biker. 

2. Explore Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Ladakh. You will often find the huge mountain ranges of Ladakh and Zanskar on this trip. Although the main attraction is Zanskar valley. Honestly, your Leh Ladakh trip is incomplete without this magical river valley. Just sit there and enjoy the loud river rush through these huge mountains. You will reconnect with nature. 

3. River Rafting in Zanskar River

Only exploring the picturesque Zanskar valley can’t make your trip extraordinary. In this case, you must try river rafting in the Zanskar river. Besides Rishikesh, Leh Ladakh is one of the top places in India for river rafting. You can also try river rafting in the Indus river. 

4. Camping at Tso Moriri

When we are talking about the best things to do in Leh Ladakh, we wouldn’t leave camping. Ladakh has numerous camping sites, so it would be your loss if you are not trying camping at least for one day. Tso Moriri is one of the highest lakes in India, famously known as a camping site. 

5. Experience Chadar Trek

The Chadar Trek is quite different from traditional treks as you have to trek over the frozen rivers. If you love adventures, this is the perfect place to witness the excitement. Frozen Zanskar river is most popular for the chadar trek. However, you have to visit Ladakh during the winter months for experiencing the chadar trek.  

6. Explore Nubra Valley

Just like Zanskar, Nubra valley is a very popular destination in Leh Ladakh. Located around 150 km away from Leh town, Nubra Valley is popular for scenic views, monasteries, snowcapped Himalayan ranges, and the cold desert. Plus, you will explore the famous Khardung La while reaching Nubra valley.

7. Camel Safari in Ladakh

You might have heard about Rajasthan’s camel safari. Well, if you want to experience the cold desert camel safari, Leh Ladakh could be the best place. To be honest, camel safari is more exciting than bike tours. You can experience a camel safari in Hunder & Diskit villages. 

8. Take Blessings From Monasteries

You are visiting Leh Ladakh and not visiting monasteries, it’s impossible. In fact, these Buddhist monasteries are the center of Ladakh tourism. So, taking blessings from monasteries one of the top things to do in Leh Ladakh. Some best monasteries in this place are Phugtal Monastery, Hemis Monastery, Alchi Monastery, and Diskit Monastery. 

9. Taste Mouth-watering Ladakh Cuisines

Leh Ladakh has some mouth-watering local cuisines that you shouldn’t miss exploring. The local cuisines are majorly inspired by Tibet. If you are staying at a homestay, you will get the authentic taste of Ladakh cuisines. When you are on that trip, don’t forget to taste Thenthuk, Thukpa, and Skyu. 

10. Stargazing From Lamayuru Monastery

Do you know, you can see the milky way from Ladakh. Well, the night sky is one of the key attractions in this exceptionally beautiful cold desert. So, just sit under the magnificent starry sky and enjoy the beauty of the universe. The best place for stargazing is Lamayuru Monastery. 


Ladakh is a dream destination for many people. So, why not making your ‘dream comes true’ trip more memorable? We have covered top things to do in Leh Ladakh. You will get a magical feeling doing these things.

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