12 Best Things To Do in Sikkim (2021)

12 Best Things To Do in Sikkim (2021)

Located in the lap of the Himalayan mountain, Sikkim is one of the top tourist places in India. If you are wondering what you should do while visiting this beautiful place, then we have handpicked the twelve best things to do in Sikkim. We have combined the list with various activities, so you can choose as per your requirements. 

Top Things To Do in Sikkim

From exciting adventure sports to mouthwatering street foods, Sikkim has everything that a traveler needs. Let’s find out what you can do while you are in Sikkim. 

1. Yak Ride at Changu Lake

Yak is a common animal in the North-East region of India, you will find them grazing at the roadside in Sikkim. Especially when you are visiting Tsomgo Lake, you will find these adorable animals. The best thing about this place is you take a Yake Safari. Riding on a Yak costs between Rs. 50 to Rs. 100.

2. Visit Buddhist Monastries

One of the best things about this beautiful state is you can embrace the charm of Sikkimese culture. And exploring Buddhist Monastries is one of the essential things you should not miss. A monastery is not only a great place to visit but it’s also good for regaining inner peace. There are some famous monasteries in Sikkim including Rumtek, Enchey, and Pemayangtse Gompa. 

3. Explore Street Foods

What’s better than enjoying Thukpa from a local roadside vendor in between a long road trip? When we are talking about top things to do in Sikkim, we can’t miss out on the delicious street foods in this little state. From momos to Sel Roti, Sikkim has some extraordinary street foods. Moreover, you can also enjoy some local sweets as street foods. 

4. Taste Authentic Sikkimease Cuisines

Besides street foods, tasting authentic Sikkimese cuisines can give you an amazing memory. Basically, we don’t see tourists exploring authentic cuisines. However, you can have a great experience. There are some authentic cuisines you can get both in traditional restaurants and street stalls. 

5. Gondola Ride in Gangtok

Gangtok, the capital town of Sikkim is a famous tourist hotspot. Although Gondola ride is as popular as this town. They say it would be a loss if you are not experiencing a Gondola ropeway ride in Gangtok. A ride, that covers 3 km takes around 20 minutes and costs Rs. 50 per person.

6. Explore Adventure Sports

Are you an adventurous person? Sikkim is one of the most famous places in India for adventure sports. From Paragliding to Rock Climbing, you can get an excellent experience. You can also enjoy adventure sports including Bungee Jumping, Hang Gliding, Helicopter Riding, and River Rafting.

7. Enjoy a Mountain Biking Tour

Well, if you don’t have a heart for daring adventure sports, Sikkim could be a perfect place for mountain biking. A mountain biking tour can be more magical if you are traveling with friends. In fact, solo travelers are also preferring a mountain biking tour nowadays to explore themselves. 

8. Trek to Goecha La Pass

Trekking is one of the most interesting activities in mountain areas. It’s no surprise that we are going to include trekking on the top things to do in Sikkim list. If you are into trekking, then Goecha La Pass is probably one of the dream places for you. This trek needs almost 7 hours and you will witness the astounding scenic beauty of nature. 

9. Experience Your First Camping

If you are not into trekking or adventure sports, camping can be an ideal option. Camping is one of the best things to do in Sikkim during the winter months. Plus, you want to enjoy the untouched beauty of nature closely, camping could be a perfect way. 

10. Attend Famous Festivals

If you are lucky enough to visit Sikkim during festivals, then make sure you attending them. Experiencing a local festival could be magical for you. Plus, the welcoming attitude of Sikkimese people can win your heart. Make sure you are capturing those colorful moments. 

11. Bird Watching at Kewzing

Sikkim could be a paradise for an ornithologist. Even you are not a professional, you can have an excellent bird-watching experience. The best place for Bird Watching is Kewzing where you can watch over 200 bird species. Besides Kewzing, you can do Bird Watching at Khecheopalri Lake, Dzongri, and Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary.

12. Shopping

Wherever you travel, make sure to bring a piece of memory. In this case, you can do a little shopping in Sikkim. There are many Sikkimese handicrafts you will find everywhere in that state. Moreover, you can shop for traditional dresses and accessories. MG Marg is the best place for shopping.  


Finally, we have covered the best things to do in Sikkim. However, not everything is suitable for everyone. So, make sure you are choosing them as per your requirements. If you want to enjoy a road trip in Sikkim with some best Hindi travel songs, check out our list. You are going to love it.

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