10 Best Camping Site to Reconnect With Nature

10 Best Camping Site to Reconnect With Nature

Camping is one of the popular travel activities in India. Being a diverse country, India has so many unexplored places. What would be better than discovering your soul in these untouched destinations? If you are looking for the ideal camping site in India to reconnect with mother nature, you are in the right place. 

In the following, we have handpicked the ten best camping sites in India. So, start your camping experience with some exceptional destinations. 

Best Camping Site in India

In a country like India, you can experience memorable camping in any location. So, this list includes Himalayan mountain regions to the dense forest, spiritual towns to the cold desert. Let’s unleash the beauty of your favorite camping site. 

1. Chandratal Lake

Located around 4,300 meters above sea level, Chandratal Lake is one of the best places in Himachal Pradesh. Needless to say, it’s also an exceptional camping site. Who wouldn’t love to explore the enchanting beauty of nature with snow-capped mountains and a picturesque lake? The view of Chandratal Lake during a full moon is incomparable.

2. Tso Moriri

One of the highest lakes in India, Tso Morini is a hidden gem of Ladakh. Watching the sunrise from this camping site will be one of the memorable incidents in your life. Due to the cold weather, you can’t go to Tso Moriri anytime in the year. The best camping time is from May to October. 

3. Pushkar Royal Desert Camp

The Great Indian Thar desert attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you are one of those who loves to explore desert life, you will enjoy the Royal Desert Camp. Located around 600 meters away from Pushkar, the Royal Desert camp at Ganaha village will steal your heart. 

Besides the camping experience, you can explore numerous places including Rangji Temple, Man Mahal Palace, and Sri Panchkund Shiva Temple. Plus, don’t forget to take a camel ride and taste authentic Rajasthani foods. It would be better if you are visiting this place during the Pushkar Fair. 

4. Rishikesh

Popular known as the Yoga Capital of the world, Rishikesh is one of the most beautiful places in Uttarakhand. Camping beside the Ganga river not only gives you an exceptional experience but you will be spiritually connected with nature. Rishikesh offers various adventurous activities including river rafting, bungee jumping, and flying fox besides camping. 

5. Spiti Valley

Nested around 12,500 feet above sea level, Spiti Valley is one of the best camping sites in India. Thousands of trekkers and adventure lovers come to visit this untouched beautiful cold desert every year. However, it could be a difficult camping site for many people due to the adverse conditions. The best time to visit Spiti Valley between May to July.

6. Nameri Eco Camp

An ideal place for those people who want to reconnect with nature in a national park. Yes, Nameri Eco Camp can be the perfect camping site. Plus, you can enjoy various adventurous activities including hiking, rafting, and bird watching here. You can visit Nameri Eco Camp all the time but avoid the monsoon season. 

7. Coorg Planter’s Camp

This camping site is probably the most underrated one on this list. Nested at Kirudale, Coorg Planter’s Camp is one of the most beautiful campgrounds with lush greenery and mighty hills. Moreover, the best thing about this place is you can explore the beauty of the lush green forest and Coorg’s special cardamom and coffee plantations.  

8. Solang Valley

Everyone knows about the beauty of Solang Valley, but it could be an ideal place for camping. The enchanting beauty of this valley attracts thousands of visitors every year. You will be able to experience various activities including a bonfire, river crossing, paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, and more. 

9. Sillery Gaon

Sillery Gaon is one of the best offbeat places in north Bengal. Located around 96 km from New Jalpaiguri, Sillery Gaon is an exotic place for camping with lush greenery and the view of the mighty Kanchenjunga. You can also experience bird watching here. The best time to visit Sillery Gaon is from October to June. 

10. Mussoorie

Mussoorie is not only one of the best tourist destinations in India, but also an exceptional camping site. So, this place also offers splendid greenery, snow-capped mountains, and more nature bliss. Plus, you can also enjoy bonfire and trekking here. 


India has so many less explored places where you can discover your soul. These are the top camping site in India where you will be able to reconnect with nature. However, if it’s your first time camping, make sure to take all the essentials.

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