7 Authentic Rajasthani Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss

7 Authentic Rajasthani Dishes You Shouldn't Miss

Rajasthan is one of those states in India that welcomes millions of tourists every year. However, tourism is not the only thing that makes this desert state popular. Besides beautiful tourist places, you can enjoy lip-smacking Rajasthani dishes here.

India is a country that offers various types of foods to tourists. So, it will be your loss if you are tasting these delicious local foods. Well, Rajasthan has been offering rich culture, authentic foods, and magical experiences to visitors. It was hard work to pick the best dishes.

In the following, we have handpicked the seven best authentic Rajasthani dishes you should try while exploring the royal state of India 

Best Authentic Rajasthani Dishes

Rajasthan has always been a part of India’s history. However, the contribution of this state in food history is really impressive. Here is the list of the best authentic Rajasthani dishes. Enjoy.

1. Laal Maans

Well, Rajasthan is mainly a vegetarian state but that does not mean they don’t serve delicious non-vegetarian dishes. And when it comes to the best non-veg Rajasthani dishes, Laal Maans takes the crown.

Rajasthani people used to cook traditional Laal Maans with the meat of wild deer. However, mutton is the main ingredient of this dish now. By using Mathania chilies, Laal Maans is prepared in low heat. You shouldn’t miss this dish if you are a non-vegetarian food lover. 

2. Gatte ki Sabzi

Being a desert state, Rajasthan has always faced climate obstructions. This is why it’s rare to find fresh vegetables on Rajasthani dishes. However, that didn’t stop natives to make delicious foods. 

Gatte ki sabzi is the burning example of it. Prepared with gram flour dumplings, Gatte ki sabzi is one of the popular dishes from this state. Besides gram flour, buttermilk, tomatoes, and spices are the key ingredients of this authentic dish. 

3. Mawa Kachori

We have tasted crispy kachori a lot, but this state has a special kachori. Mawa Kachori is one of the most authentic Rajasthani sweets. Originated from the Royal Rawadi land, Mawa Kachori is stuffed with mawa and dry fruits. This sweet dish is served hot with chashni (sugar syrup). 

4. Dal Baati Churma

Our Rajasthani dishes list is incomplete without Dal Baati Churma. If you are visiting Rajashtan and not tasting this authentic dish, it’ll be your loss. Dal Baati Churma is a combination of three foods where Baati refers to hard-baked bread that is served with panchmel dal. Churma is a sweet dish that is cooked with ghee, jaggery, and dry fruits. 

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5. Mirchi Vada

If you are searching for authentic street food, you can try Mirchi Vada. Stuffed with potatoes, green chilies, and spices, Mirchi vada is Rajasthan’s go-to snack. Usually, this snack is served with sweet tamarind and spicy mint chutney. Even this food is available all over India, Rajasthan serves the most authentic Mirchi vada. 

6. Ghevar

Ghever is a Rajasthani sweet dish that is loved by all of India. So, trying Ghever in this royal state is necessary. If you don’t know about this sweet dish, we are here to help you out. Ghevar is made of flour, ghee, and milk and later doused in chashni. Some Ghevar is served with saffron, almonds, and pistachios on top.

7. Mohan Thal

Last but not the least, Mohan Thal is one of those authentic Rajasthani dishes you shouldn’t miss. Mohan Thal is a sweet dish that represents the royal flavor of this state. This unique sweet dish is prepared from gram flour, ghee, and dry fruits that can give you a magical foodie experience. 


Having a historic background, Rajasthan has so many things to give and these authentic Rajasthani dishes are one of them. No matter if you are visiting from another state or another country, these dishes will complete your Rajasthan trip.

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