8 Must-Try Street Foods in Delhi For Foodies

8 Must-Try Street Foods in Delhi For Foodies

Popularly known for historical architecture and culture, the bustling capital of India has so many surprises to offer people. Besides being a tourist hotspot, Delhi is an ideal place for foodies. When it comes to street foods in Delhi, you can get a magical experience. 

If you are searching for the best Delhi street foods, then we are here to help you out. In the following, we have handpicked eight best street foods you must try during your visit to Delhi.

Best Street Foods in Delhi

There are various types of foods available in Delhi. However, your journey will be incomplete without tasting delicious street foods in Delhi. So why not spend an evening to taste this beautiful city’s street foods? In the following, we are covering the eight best street foods you can taste in Delhi.   

Aloo Chaat

Most Indian cuisines have a rich and spicy taste. So, if you want to try street food that can give a spicy yet tangy flavor, you need to taste Aloo Chaat. Basically, Chaat is available in many cities in India, but you need to taste Delhi’s Aloo Chaat. 

The ingredients of Aloo Chaat are also simple. Yet, you will have to best spicy taste. You can also enjoy snacks with Chaat rather than potato including Papri Chaat, Samosa Chaat, Dahi Papri Chaat, and more. 

Ram Laddoo

Well, Ram Laddoo is not a sweet dish, it’s more of a small pakora that can be your ideal evening snack. Basically stuffed with potatoes and dal, and spicy green mint, Ram Laddoo is one of the best street foods in Delhi

These softballs have a mix of spicy and tangy flavors that can increase your craving. Usually, you can spot vendors frying Ram Laddoo throughout Delhi. However, vendors at Tilak Nagar and Janak Puri provide the best Ram Laddoos.

Chole Bhature

Your Delhi trip is incomplete without tasting Chole Bhature. One of the famous dishes from Punjab, Chole Bhature is also a famous street food in the capital of India. ‘Bhature’ is a fluffy bread that is made with wheat flour and served with spicy chickpeas gravy called ‘Chole’. 

However, Chole Bhature is a heavy dish, so you need to be careful about it. This street food is ideal for breakfast. 

Poori Aloo

Similar to Chole Bhature, Poori Aloo is also a famous street food in Delhi. Well, you can taste Poori Aloo in every city in India, be it Kolkata or Mumbai, this dish is representing the tradition of India. Poori is made with wheat flour and the vendors serve it potato gravy.

Gol Gappa

One of the most popular street foods in India, Gol Gappa has different names in different states. For example, Gol Gappa is popular as ‘Panipuri’ in Maharastra state. In fact, the taste and ingredients of Gol Gappas are different across India. 

In Delhi, you can find different types of Gol Gappas that are served with different water flavors, curd, and chutney. Gol Gappa is stuffed with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, coriander leaves, chili, and spices. 


If you are in Delhi, you definitely need to try Kebabs. Besides Amritsar and Kolkata, Delhi has an excellent variety of Kebabs. This place is famous as the ‘Kebab Town’. When you are visiting old Delhi, you will find vendors are selling over 25 types of Kebabs there. 

As we mentioned before, there are various types of Kebabs in Delhi including Galouti Kebab, Reshmi Kebab, and Kalmi Kebab. The best places for Kebabs are Vasant Place Market, Jama Masjid, and Chandni Chowk.


When we are talking about street foods in Delhi, we cannot ignore sweet dishes. Kulfi is a very popular frozen dessert in India. You can find it everywhere in India. However, it would be your loss if you are not trying Delhi’s Kulfi. Some people even like Kulfi as a sweet dish to end a meal.  

Daulat ki Chaat

Even it’s called a chaat, Daulat ki Chaat is a popular dessert in Delhi. The rich creamy texture and exceptional taste of this sweet make it one of the favorite street foods among Delhi people. Daulat ki Chaat is made up of creamy foam of milk, saffron, and sugar. 


Being a vibrant city, Delhi has so many things to give people. So, tasting the mouth-watering street foods of this place could make your visit more remarkable. However, there are many street foods in Delhi you can taste including Desi Burgers, Aloo Tikki, Nan Khatai, and Rabri Jalebi.

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