7 Street Foods of Chennai You Should Try Once

7 Street Foods of Chennai You Should Try Once

The capital city of Tamil Nadu has a lot of surprises. Well, if you are visiting Chennai for the first time, you need to taste some delicious foods. If you are still wondering, we are here with the seven best street foods of Chennai. In the following, we have handpicked some mouthwatering street foods of this city. Let’s find out.

Best Street Foods of Chennai

Chennai has countless delicious foods. However, we have handpicked only seven of them. So, make sure you are tasting each of them whenever you are visiting this amazing city. 

1. Idli

No matter where you have tasted Idli before, if you are not tasting Chennai’s Idli, you will miss a lot of things. Basically, you will find this street food around every corner of this city. The combination of sambar and coconut chutney makes it more magical. 

The best thing about Chennai is you can find countless variations of this light snack. It will cost around Rs.80 to 100 per person. 

2. Paani Poori

Popularly known as Golgappas in north India, this is India’s one of the most iconic street foods. Well, when it comes to south India, people address this delicious street food as ‘Paani Poori’. So, without any doubt, this is a famous street food in Chennai.

Basically, Paani Poori is a tiny ball filled with potato, spices, green chutney, and imli chutney. You will find many vendors selling Paani Poori in the streets of Chennai. 

3. Chaat

Your Chennai trip will be incomplete without Chaat. This is a north Indian snack but it’s still popular here. Well, if you have tasted this mouthwatering street food somewhere before, you need to try this city’s chaat as well. Chennai’s chaat comes with multiple variations including chana chaat, aloo chaat, papdi chaat, and more.

4. Atho Man

Popular as a Burmese dish, Atho Man is one of the most famous street foods of Chennai. Atho Man is a noodle dish that is served with raw vegetables. In fact, you can spice up the taste as per your requirement. 

This unique street food is available in every corner of this city. Make sure you are trying Atho Man at least once. 

5. Sundal

Sundal is another famous street food in Chennai you should not miss. Made with boiled chickpeas, spices, and onions, this is simple yet delicious street food. You will find this street food on most of the beaches in Chennai.

6. Dosa

When it comes to the best street foods of Chennai, we cannot leave Dosa. There is no introduction needed for this iconic dish. Well, this dish is not only famous in south India but all over the country. 

This crispy street food comes with multiple variants. Make sure you are trying Dosa stuffed with mashed potatoes and spices. 

7. Bhajji

You should not miss this mouthwatering snack while visiting Tamil Nadu. Bhajji is one of those street foods that will help you make memories when you are in Chennai. Well, this is quite similar to pakora but tastes a lot better.

There are various types of Bhajji available here including potatoes, vegetables, and onion. The best thing about this food is it is served with special chutneys. 


A trip is incomplete without local foods. As you can see, Chennai is a heaven for street foods. However, the street food journey does not end with these foods. Although don’t forget to taste each of them.

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