5 Best Tips For Solo Traveling in India

5 Best Tips For Solo Traveling in India

Thinking about going on a solo trip? Here’s your chance. Solo travel is one of the most fascinating parts of travel and each person should experience it once in their lifetime. India is changing, so is the travel pattern of this country. If you are ready for your ‘go solo’ trip, you need some tips for solo traveling. Well, don’t worry! With India Travelpedia, you will get the best information.

We understand the necessities of a solo trip. As the Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting our lives, we need to reconnect with nature as soon as possible. And when you will be all alone, you will be able to explore yourself more. 

Moreover, you will experience several things like making new friends, learning about a new culture, and tasting some local delicious foods. In this blog, we are covering the five best solo traveling tips that everyone should know. 

Best Tips For Solo Traveling

A solo traveler needs to be careful about many things, especially when he/she going on a trip alone for the first time. You will experience different things in India because of its diversity. If you are not from this country, make sure you are implementing each of these tips. 

1. Choose Offbeat Destinations

From Kerala to Rajasthan, India has many travel destinations. However, when it comes to solo traveling, you should always choose a less explored place. Solo traveling is more about exploring yourself and the beauty of nature than doing a city tour.

For example, you can go to some beautiful hamlets in Himachal Pradesh rather than visiting Shimla or Manali. Plus, you will know about Indian culture more in these offbeat places.  

2. Stay in a Homestay

As we mentioned above, if you want to learn about Indian local lifestyle and culture, you have to pick offbeat destinations. Staying in a homestay is one of the best tips for solo traveling. Not just you will experience the endearing hospitality of your host, but you will also save a lot of money. 

Staying in a local homestay is a lot cheaper than staying in a budget/fancy hotel. You will get find a homestay from Rs. 600-700 with fooding-lodging facilities. In fact, some homestay owners include car facilities with it. 

3. Start Interacting With Local People

One of the most solo traveling tips we would like to suggest to our readers is interacting with local people. When you are new in a place, you have to ask for help. Sure, we have our smartphone and an internet connection. 

However, it’s no use when you are exploring a remote place. Usually, Indian people are very friendly and helpful. In fact, you can get help from a local guide. 

4. Take Essential Documents

No matter if you are traveling alone or with your family, make sure you are taking all of your official documents including your Adhar card, Voter ID, and photographs. It’s necessary when you are traveling to another state. Some states like Arunachal Pradesh also ask for special entry permission for tourists.  

5. Keep a Self-defense Weapon With You

India is a beautiful country, but we don’t know what’s happening next. It’s always better to be prepared for the worst. As we have suggested choosing a less crowded destination, you need to be also careful.

There are common crimes like pickpocketing and assaulting travelers face in this country, especially in big cities. So, make sure you are being careful. In fact, you can carry a small self-defense weapon such as pepper spray, safety rod, or flashlight. 


Going on a solo trip could be very exciting, especially when you are going for the first time. We have shared the best tips for solo traveling. Make sure you are following all of these tips. For more information, you can start your research.

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