7 Delicious Lucknow Street Food You Have to Try

7 Delicious Lucknow Street Food You Have to Try

The city of Nawabs is known for its rich history, culture, hospitality, and of course food. When it comes to this city’s famous cuisines, you have to try Lucknow street food. In fact, the capital of Uttar Pradesh can easily secure a place in the top street food cities in India. 

If it’s your first time visiting Lucknow, your trip will be incomplete without trying these delicious street food items. That’s why we have handpicked the top must-try items you have to try once you visit Lucknow. 

Top Lucknow Street Food

When you are a food lover, you have heard about famous street food in Lucknow. Be it sweet dessert or spicy kebab, this city won’t disappoint you. In the following list, we will share the top Lucknow street food. Let’s have a look:

1. Awadhi Biryani

Biryani famous street food in Lucknow
Photo: Indian Express

When a city has Nawabi heritage and culture, we can’t imagine street food without Biriyani. You can find Awadhi biryani here and there on Lucknow’s streets. The amazing aroma and flavor are enough to melt your heart.

The best thing about Lucknowi biryani is there are varieties. Hence, veg biryani is also popular in this city. The best place to have biryani is Gomti Nagar. 

2. Kebab

Kebab Lucknow street food
Photo: Vogue

It’s impossible to complete a Lucknow trip without tasting Kebab. The signature street food item holds the identity of this city. In simple words, kebabs rule the streets of Lucknow. The crispy outer layer and soft filling make it more unique.

Make sure you try one of the popular kebabs including Tunday kebab, Shami kebab, and Galawati kebab. There are several veg options available as well. 

3. Malai Makhan

Makhan Malai
Photo: Pinterest

Similar to Varanasi’s Malaiyyo, Malai Makhan is another signature Lucknow street food. This special sweet dish is very popular during the winter months. However, Malai Makhan is also famous as Nimish in some places. 

The creamy texture and rich flavor can give you a heavenly feeling. To get the best Malia Makhan, you have to visit Chhappan Bhog, Gole Darwaza, and Ram Asrey.

4. Kulche Nihari

Kulche Nihari Lucknow street food
Photo: Lifeberrys

When we talk about the famous street food in Lucknow, Kulche Nihari takes a significant place. Hence, it’s one of the best cuisines for non-veg lovers. Kulche is a little bit different from Punjabi Kulcha and you must try it.

Nihari is a dish that is served in a thick and flavored gravy. If you want to try Kulche Nihari, Raheem’s is the best place. 

5. Basket Chaat

Basket chaat famous street food in Lucknow
Photo: Zomato

It’s impossible to complete an Indian city’s street food list without chaat. Even though Delhi and other north Indian cities are famous for chaats, Lucknow can rule them with Basket Chaat. The spicy and tangy taste combination is enough to steal your heart.

Basket Chaat is filled with a lot of vegetables, tangy chutney, mashed potatoes, and peas. You can get the best Basket Chaat at Hazratganj.

6. Kulfi Faluda

Kulfi Faluda Lucknow street food
Photo: Now Lucknow

If you are visiting the city of Nawabs during summer, you have to try Kulfi Faluda. Hence, it’s another top Lucknow street food item on our list. The creamy texture and added nuts make this dessert more unique. 

As you can get this dessert item on every corner of the street, it’s very popular among tourists. You can get the best Kulfi Faluda in Aminabad. 

7. Poori Kachori

Poori Kachori famous street food in Lucknow
Photo: Now Lucknow

Poori Kachori is another famous street food in Lucknow. You might know that Poori Kachori is a popular dish in North India. However, you have to try the Lucknowi version. 

The best thing is this street food item is very affordable. To get the best Poori Kachori, you have to visit Hazratganj and Aminabad. 


To get the real flavor of Lucknow, you have to try street food. We have shared our handpicked list in this blog. However, before you visit the city, do a little research. In simple words, Lucknow street food can give you pure bliss. So, don’t exclude any item.

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