You Can’t Miss Out on These 7 Best Street Food in Varanasi

You Can’t Miss Out on These 7 Best Street Food in Varanasi

From Dasashwamedh ghat aarti to Kashi Vishwanath temple, there are so many things to explore in Varanasi. However, the oldest city of India is also popular for its street food items. Yes, if you are visiting for the first time, you have to taste the best street food in Varanasi. In this post, we will share Kashi’s top street food. Let’s find out. 

Best Street Food in Varanasi

Varanasi is a city that can steal anyone’s heart with its own charm. In this case, street food plays a major role. In the following list, let’s find out about the top street food item in this ancient city:

1. Malaiyyo

Photo: Varanasi Guru

If you are visiting Varanasi during winter, Makhan Malaiyyo is the top street dessert you have to try. In simple words, Malaiyyo is a flavored milk froth that they serve in an earthen bowl. It tastes heavenly in the mouth. You can find many shops selling Malaiyyo in Banaras. However, it’s only available until 11 am. 

2. Kachori Sabzi

Kachori Sabzi best street food in Varanasi
Photo: Pinterst 

Your Kashi trip will be incomplete without trying Kachori Sabzi. Hence, it’s the best street food in Varanasi. There are two types of Kachori available here; Badi Kachori and Choti Kachori. You can find Kachori Sabzi everywhere in this ancient city. However, Ram Bhandar’s Kachori Sabzi is the most popular one. 

3. Lassi

Photo: Times of India

You have tried Lassi in other places in India. Yet, if you have to taste something magical, you have to try Varanasi’s creamy Lassi. From simple to flavored Lassi, you can get several variations here. Make sure you try Lassi topped with Rabri and Malai to get a heavenly taste.

4. Tamatar Chaat

Tamatar Chat Best street food in Varanasi
Photo: Oyo

Looking for something unique? You have to try Tamatar Chaat. Yes, it’s another best street food in Varanasi. The preparation is simple yet delightful. Tamatar Chaat is made from potatoes, tomatoes, sweet chutney, and spices. 

Served in a Palash leaf bowl, Tamatar Chaat can be your comfort street food. You can find Tamatar Chaat in every corner of the city. However, Kashi Chat Bhandar offers the best Tamatar Chaat. 

5. Chooda Matar

Chooda Matar
Photo: TV9

When it comes to street food, Banaras has its own flavor. If you want to get the real flavor of this city, you have to try Chooda Matar. You see, this street food item is less known among tourists. Chooda Matar is a preparation of flattened rice, ghee, green peas, and spices. You can get the best Chooda Matar at Kashi Chat Bhandar.

6. Rabri

Rabri Best Street food in Varanasi
Photo: Cush Travel

Rabri is the significant street dessert of Kashi. Besides Lassi and Malaiyo, Rabri tops the chart with its delightful flavor. The best thing about this city is that you can find Rabri served with hot Jalebis. And it tastes like heaven. As we noted before, you can also try Lassi topped with Rabri. 

7. Malai Toast

Malai Toast
Photo: Trip Advisor

If Kachori Sabzi takes first place in Banaras’s breakfast items, Malai Toast comes second. Hence, Malai Toast is another best street food in Varanasi. This item is also popular as Safed Makkhan toast among locals. Malai Toast is a preparation of thick bread and regular butter. You can take it with Chai. To get the best Malai Toast, you have to visit Laxmi Chai Wale. 


Varanasi is nothing without street food. If you want to get the real flavor of this ancient city, you have to taste the best street food in Varanasi. The best thing is you can get street food on every corner of Varanasi. If you are a newbie, you can also get help from locals.

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