7 Thrilling Jungle Safari in India

Thrilling Jungle Safari in India

Being a diverse country, India has so many wonders. And you will miss a lot of things if you don’t visit a National Park. If you love adventure and thrill like us, you have to explore the top jungle safari in India. 

Having a jungle safari experience can give you a lifetime memory. You will be able to witness exotic wildlife. If it’s your first time, we will guide you to choose the best safari. That’s why we will share our handpicked jungle safari destination in this article. Let’s have a look. 

Top Jungle Safari in India

Sure, India is well-known for its spirituality and culture. However, there are so many things you can explore. In this case, having a forest safari experience can be the best option for you. In the following list, let’s find out about the thrilling jungle safari in India:

1. Jim Corbett

Jim corbett
Photo: Corbett National Park

Located 64 km from Nainital, Jim Corbett is one of the most popular parks in India. Hence, this is Asia’s first national park. You see, this park is named after the famous tiger hunter Jim Corbett. 

You can visit 4 zones inside Jim Corbett; Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, and Durga Devi. Bengal Tigers, Asiatic elephants, deer, and chitals are common here. You need at least five hours to complete the safari. 

2. Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore jungle safari in India
Photo: Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is another top jungle safari in India. Spread across 1300 square km, this park is heaven for wildlife lovers and photographers. Besides tigers, you can see several animals including wild boards, sloth bears, flying foxes, sambers, and chameleons. 

The best time to visit this national park is from March to May. Ranthambore National Park is located around 180 km from Jaipur. You can take a train from there. 

3. Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh jungle safari in India
Photo: Tour My India

Madhya Pradesh is known for its dense forests and national parks. You see, Bandhavgarh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this state. If you want to see the Royal Bengal Tiger, this national park is the best place. 

That’s why you can have the most thrilling experience while exploring this national park. Besides tigers, you can spot famous neelghai, leopards, Bengal foxes, and deer. The best time to visit Bandhavgarh is from October to May.

4. Hemis National Park

Photo: Secret World

If you are visiting Ladakh, you have to visit Hemis National Park. Moreover, you can experience being in one of the highest altitude national parks. Most people visit this national park to spot snow leopards. 

However, you can also see snowcocks, argali sheep, and blue sheep. You have to be physically fit to complete this safari. Plus, the best time to visit this park is from May to September. 

Well, Hemis National Park is shut from October to December due to heavy snowfall. The entry fee of this park is INR 20 for Indians and INR 100 for foreigners. The park is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

5. Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Gir jungle safari in India
Photo: Veena World

Gir is another thrilling jungle safari in India. Located in the western region of Gujarat, Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is the home to Asiatic lions. Well, you can spot this species only here. A safari can give you the best experience. 

You can also spot jackals, Indian foxes, and leopards in this dry forest. The best time to visit Gir forest is from November to May. 

6. Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga jungle safari in India
Photo: First Post

Assam’s UNESCO heritage site Kaziranga National Park is famous for one-horned rhinoceros. If you are not into tiger or lion safari, you can choose this national park. Plus, Assam’s mesmerizing greenery can steal your heart. 

You can also spot panthers, elephants, and bears here. The best time to visit Kaziranga National Park is from October to April.

7. Kanha National Park

Photo: Tour Travel World

If you are a fan of Mowgli, you might know about Kanha National Park. Hence, this is another amazing jungle safari in India. You see, the national park has four zones; Kanha, Kisli, Sarahi, and Mukki.

Take a jeep safari and live your childhood once again. The best time to visit this beautiful national park is from November to June. However, you have to book a safari for each zone separately. 


As we noted before, witnessing wildlife inside a National Park can give you a thrilling experience. However, you have to do some research before visiting. If it’s your first time, make sure you get all the information from that National Park’s official website.

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