5 Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations in India to Spend Quality Time

5 Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations in India to Spend Quality Time

Are you a pet person? Do you cancel your traveling plans to stay and play with your furball? Thanks to the evolving pocket pet-friendly travel destinations, you don’t have to feel bad leaving your pet behind, anymore. Get set to have a fun-filled vacation with joyous barks and innocent meows with this travel guide.

Top Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations

1. Dhauladhar Village View Resort, Himachal Pradesh

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Dhauladhar Village View resort is a comfy, small resort in the lap of the Himalayan Mountain range developed in 2020. The place boasts miles of empty lanes, carefully laden with short grass to keep your pet happy. The resort contains a small play area with tires and hillocks, carefully designed for pets.

To muse your pet, the resort has two watchdogs, Alex and Lara, who are trained to befriend the visitors. Their early morning fights and the scripted dog-cat race fill each morning with energy and laughter. Even if your pet’s breed isn’t compatible with any of them, you don’t have to worry as the in-house dogs are okay being tied to their happy place for a while.

As for sightseeing, you can travel with your pet to most of the scenic locations of Dharamshala and Mcloedganj.

2. Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur

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If you are looking for a royal vacation with your pet, Hotel Diggi Palace is a perfect choice. It offers the feel of antique palaces as it was built in the 19th Century. Its 7-hectare lush green gardens extend grass luxury for your pet’s morning and evening strolls.

Jaipur is one of the best pet-friendly cities with top cafes glad to host your faithful companion. Places like Curious Life, On The House (OTH), Town Coffee Jaipur, Napoli, etc. have spacious outdoor arrangements to offer you the taste and precious company of your pets. They also make sure to offer treats and water to your little friends.

3. Four Seasons, Bangalore

Photo – Agoda

Hotel Four Seasons is every pet parent’s dream destination while traveling. They have a special program called “The Paw-cation” to make your vacation with your animal baby memorable. It offers an ample stroll place for your pet at the far-fetched gardens and terrace.

Bangalore is the best city to have a little fun time with your beloved pet. It offers creative solutions to meet the human need for undulated love. The volunteer-run Sunday Dog Park at Bangalore’s Cubbon Park provides a perfect rendezvous for various pets and their owners under the pleasant weather of the Silicon Valley of India. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can feel their joyous company for a whole day.

Hangout places like Mighty Paws Café and Bakery, Therpup, Green Theory, Eddy’s Café, and more will take your heart away as they host your little friend with the same diligence as you. Some of them also offer birthday surprises for your mischievous munchkins. Sunday Soul Sante is another pet-friendly rejuvenation point in Bangalore where you can shop, eat, and enjoy live performances and cricket matches too.

4. Ganga Vatika Boutique Hotel, Rishikesh

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If you and your buddy love the proximity to water, you must visit Rishikesh. The picturesque landscape, the unending spread of the holy river, the hillocks, and the chanting makes it a perfect getaway destination.

Ganga Vatika Boutique hotel is a homestay kind with ample open space for you to play ‘catch the ball’. It’s small and gives you the feeling of a private villa in the off-season.

Little Buddha Cafe near the Laxman Jhula is a perfect retreat to nurture your ear and taste buds for you and your paw friend. The place is always lively with a bunch of other pets for yours to make friends with and enjoy their time of life. If you are a nature lover, you can also experience trekking and camping at places like Camp Brook and many more.

5. Sea View Resorts, Goa

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Goa is one of the first cities to adapt to changing travelers’ priorities. When it comes to pet-friendly travel destinations, it tops the charts too. Sea View Resorts, situated in the vicinity of Ashvem beach, is the quintessential host for you two.

You can spend quiet time at the beach sun-kissed and contented or enjoy the fragrant breeze from the spacious balconies. Goa offers many pet-friendly joints for you to enjoy the views, food, and company.

There are places like Chef Peter’s Kitchen, Cafe Sussegado, Robin’s Ark, etc. to enjoy the seafood. Then there is Gunpowder restaurant having its own dogs, Luna and Queenie, to make the destination perfectly pet friendly.

Safety Tips When Traveling with Pets

You are now done with one arduous task of travel planning: Choosing the destination. Next comes the preparations for the travel as it can be hard with pets. They can get anxious and terrified during long trips. Here are a few tips to make this paw-cation fun experience for both of you:

  • Cross-check the Hotel’s Pet Friendliness

Some of the hotels/resorts available on the internet display their pet tolerance. However, if you dig deeper you may find that they aren’t actually pet-accommodating. Always cross-check with the prospective hotel over the call or email before finalizing your place of stay.

  • Cross-check with Your Air Carrier

If you are traveling by air, buy a suitable travel kennel per the airline’s rules. Air India and the newly launched Akasa Airlines are the only carriers allowing their passengers to travel with pets. A few others only allow service or guide dogs.

  • Cater to Your Pet’s Health

Before leaving for your paw-cation, get a health check-up and necessary vaccines for your pet. Also, pack a few medications you might need during the trip. As a precaution, you can also confirm veterinary availability with your hotel.

  • Collar Your Pet with an ID Tag

While on vacation, keep your pet on a leash and within your sight. In an unfortunate event of a runaway pet, always put a proper ID tag on your pet’s collar for increased chances of a reunion. Make sure to mention your phone number and other contact details on the tag to find your missing pet at an unknown place.

  • Take Regular Pit Stops

Pets are free-spirited creatures. They don’t like to be tied down for long periods. , Make sure you take necessary pit stops to feed or to attend to nature’s call if you are traveling by road. Else, they might feel caged and bored creating a nuisance to your otherwise perfect plan.

As an ardent dog lover, I love visiting places with my best buddy. Fortunately, the paw-cation trend is picking up the pace in India. What are you waiting for if you haven’t been on a travel spree with your pet? Go and get some guilt-free fun. Happy Paw-cation!

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